TÜRKONFED Participated in the Level-Up Project Event Held in Italy

TÜRKONFED Participated in the Level-Up Project Event Held in Italy

The Level Up Project took place in Foligno, Italy, for a total of four days between 12 and 15 October. Implemented within the scope of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships in the Professional Education program and coordinated by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the project involving seven partners from five different countries saw the participation of TÜRKONFED, a project partner, in the adult training program. The partners collaborated to create training content for the project, which aims to improve the digital skills of blue-collar professionals with low digital skills.

Erasmus + Level Up Project

Having its first meeting in December 2018, the Level Up Project was implemented under the coordination of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, with the partnership of the Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (TÜRKONFED) and the Istanbul Governorship in Turkey, along with Spain, Portugal, the UK and Italy.

The project is aimed at helping employees who are experiencing difficulties due to the fact that many tasks in the production and service sector are now performed in a completely digital environment, in both improving themselves and keeping up with the digital age, and thus becoming more productive at their jobs.

The Level-Up Project will bring many important training programs from the effective use of search engines and digital media ethics to digital identity management, and the use of Google Sheets, to blue-collar workers who are keen on learning and developing themselves. The platform is available for public use in Turkish, English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese as of 19 November, 2021.

The training programs developed within the scope of the Level Up Project include:

• Introduction to Digital Skills Training: Understanding how digital transformation is changing the labor market

DIGCOMP 1. Information and Data Literacy

• Effective Use of Search Engines

• Critical Analysis of News and Information

• Use and Management of Spreadsheets (Google Sheets)

DIGCOMP 2. Communication and Collaboration

• Interaction Via Digital Technologies

• Management of Digital Identity – Use of Social Media

• Digital Media Ethics

DIGCOMP 3. Creation of Digital Content

• Management of Digital Content, Copyrights, and Licenses

• Basics of Innovative Digital Technologies

 DIGCOMP 4. Security

• Protection of Devices

• Online Security

• How to Deal with New Digital Threats

 DIGCOMP 5. Problem Solving

• Management of ICT Problems

• Identification of Digital Resources for Professional Needs