Mehmet Ali Kasalı


Mehmet Ali Kasalı
Mehmet Ali Kasalı, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of YAKA Uluslararası Nakliyat, YGL Lojistik and EGELOG, one of the strongest institutions in the logistics sector in İzmir and Aegean Region, completed his higher education, which started at METU after İzmir Atatürk High School, at the Architecture Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts at 9 Eylül University.
He served as a Member of the Board and Vice President for 11 years from 1990 to 2001 at the International Transporters Association (UND), the most important professional organization of the International Logistics Sector, of which he is a member. Kasalı, who has been a manager at all levels of at Karşıyaka Sports Club (KSK) for many years since 1984, is Founding President of 1912 Karşıyaka Association, whose founders are comprised of only former Club Chairperson, and a Member of the KSK High Council.
Joining the Board of Directors of Aegean Industry and Business Association (ESİAD) in 1994, Kasalı served as Member of the Board for 27 years, serving as Vice President, President, Member of the High Advisory Board (YİK) and President of the YİK. During this period, having taken an active role in the Business People Summits that started in 1994 and ended with the establishment of TÜRKONFED, and was one of the founders of BASİFED, which was established in 2003, Kasalı participated in the establishment studies of TÜRKONFED and the preparation of its bylaws and served as the Vice President of TÜRKOFED for a second term.
Kasalı, who was elected President of BASİFED at the 2021 general assembly, will complete 40 years in his civil society journey, which started in 1984 at KSK and continued with UND and ESİAD.
Kasalı, who is a Member of the Izmir Board of Presidents and Izmir Economy and Development Board (İEKK), is married and has two children.