Oktay Mersin


Oktay Mersin, the Deputy Chairman of Sadik Group, a 76-years-old Turkish company providing services in fuel, energy, mineral oil, automotive, spare parts, insurance, agriculture, venture capital, technology, real estate development and Founding Partner of Sadik Ventures, a venture capital company investing in various funds in Turkey, USA, Europe and Africa, was born in Saraykoy in 1959. Oktay Mersin started to study at Mechanical Engineering Department of Dokuz Eylul University; however, he had to quit his undergraduate program in 1978 because of his heavy work load at the time.
Following the death of Haci Irfan Mersin, the founder of the company, in 2001, Oktay Mersin, took the management of the company and he has been actively taking part in non-governmental organizations for years.
He started to work in the NGOs as the Deputy President of Denizli Saraykoy Sports Club in 1985 and continued as the Member of the Board of Directors of Denizli Saraykoy Chamber of Commerce between 1994 and 1998.
Acting as the Board Member of DEGIAD (Denizli Young Businessmen Association) in 1994, Oktay Mersin became the Deputy President of DEGIAD (Denizli Young Businessmen Association) in 1996 and Chairman of the Board in 2000.
In addition, he worked as the President of Renault Authorized Dealers Council in 2000 , Deputy Chairman of TUGIK (Turkey Young Businessmen Confederation), in Denizli Software and Data Processing Platform, CREATORIUM Association, Denizli Businessmen Platform, Denizli EU Relations Platform, Police Force Sport Club, OYDER (Authorized Automotive Dealers Association), DEGIAD (Denizli Young Businessmen Association) in 2005, Board Member of Denizli Rotary Club in 2006, Member of High Advisory Board of TUGIK(Turkey Young Businessmen Confederation), Chairman of High Advisory Board of TUGIK(Turkey Young Businessmen Confederation) in 2008.
Oktay Mersin currently act as the Board Member of DOCEV (Nature and Environment Fund), Board Member of REYSAD (Renault Authorized Dealers Association) Marketing, Member of AIESEC Advisory Board, Member of Turkey CEO CLUP, Member of High Advisory Board of Denizli Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of GESIFED (Federation of Southern Aegean Industrialists and Business World).
Oktay Mersin is one of the 100“First successful business man” according to the study conducted by Tempo Magazine in 2008, and “50 most effective businessmen of Anatolia” in 2012 and 2014 by Economist Magazine and 50 Most Successful Businessman of 2013” by Fortune Turkey, a most prestigious business magazine of the World. Oktay Mersin is also ranked in “50 Generous Businessmen of Turkey”.
Oktay Mersin gives lectures and seminars organized at universities and other non-governmental organizations.
Oktay Mersin is married, he has two sons called Irfan Cihan and Canberk and two grand-daughters called Ipek and Zeynep.