Soner Türküm


Soner Türküm
Soner TÜRKÜM was born in Kayseri, in 1968. He started his professional career after finishing elementary, middle, and high school in Kayseri and then completing his bachelor's degree in Economy program at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Bursa Uludag University.
He extended his business line after opting to specialize in accounting and finance in 1996, first as an independent accountant and financial counselor in 2015, and then as a certified public accountant (CPA) and an independent auditor in 2016. He has worked in the legal advising, financial services, and auditing industries, mostly in Kayseri and throughout Middle Anatolia. He has kept his business activities at TÜRKÜM GLOBAL A.Ş., which he established and is the CEO of, which includes financial services, CPA services, legal consulting, and audit services. Additionally, he has served as the Regional Partner of Sistem Global Management Consulting A.Ş., which provides business consulting services in areas such as law, technological growth, and sustainability, as well as intellectual property, globalization, and mergers and acquisitions.

He has delivered seminars in a number of locations, focusing on construction accounting and VAT laws, and his articles have featured in legislation-focused blogs/sites and publications. He has also appeared as a speaker and expert on a number of television programs. He joined KAYSİAD in 2013, served on the board as an account keeper for two years, and is now the vice-chair of the board. He was chosen as the Chair of Board at ORSİFED (Federation of Turkish Enterprise and Business Professionals based in the Middle Anatolia region) during the general meeting in April 2021, after serving as a founder member, account keeper board member, and vice-chair of the board.

Soner Türküm is a married father of two and speaks intermediate English.