Empower women, strengthen societies

Empower women, strengthen societies

TÜRKONFED's President Tarkan Kadooğlu; "Strengthening women, will strengthen societies". TÜRKONFED's Women in Business (IDK) Commission's Women Empowerment Project held its second meeting under the theme " Strong women, strong economy". The meeting took place in Izmir and counted with the collaboration of BASIFED and EGIKAD. "If women are empowered, the society is strengthened. The participation of women in business is the most important indicator of sustainable economic development and democracy." TÜRKONFED's president pointed out at the opening of the meeting.


TÜRKONFED, known for the promotion of the participation of women in the work force, the improvement of women's social status in business and entrepreneurship, and its work on focusing on women's issues, held an event in Izmir that counted with high participation. TÜRKONFED's Women in Business (IDK) Commission with its Women Empowerment Project held its second meeting on June 1 at BASIFED and EGIKAD's home, at the Aegean Exporters' Association Conference Hall. The talks were joined by Izmir's mayor Aziz Koçaoğlu, TÜRKONFED's president Tarkan Kadooğlu, TÜRKONFED'S vice-president/ president for the Women in Business Commission Prof. Dr. Yasemin Açık, BASİFED's president Levent Akgerman and EGİKAD's president Betül Elmasoğlu. 


Successful business women of the region were awarded, as well as women entrepreneurs shared their experiences in this event which stressed out the importance of women’s participation in the work force. The talks remarked the importance of sustainable development, democracy and economic growth for women’s participation in the work force to increase more rapidly. On the other hand the panel themed “Strong women, strong economy” was moderated by the journalist for the Hürriyet Ege newspaper Ayçe Dikmen. Among the speakers in this panel we could find the respected former minister Işılay Saygın, Karşıyaka's Mayor Husein Mutlu Akpınar, TÜRKONFED’s board member/ SUTEKS’ president of the board Nur Ger along with ARKAS’ Holding CEO Önder Türkannı.

The panel examined various topics such as;

  •  Women’s call for politics
  • “The need to eliminate inequality”
  • “The support for women’s participation in labor force”
  • “The necessity to strengthen women”
  • “ Izmir women as a symbol of modernity”